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Monday, July 19, 2010

I'll think of something.

Do you remember high school journalism and creative writing classes?

In the early days of learning to express one's thoughts and feelings and develop them into story, remember the instructions the teacher always gave that made you want to fling your pencil in his/her general direction?

"Just keep writing - even if you only write "I can't think of anything to write", just write that down."

Okay, Mr. Warren/Ms. Moore/Mrs. Hastedt - et al - here's what I thought of:

"Sheddup, yous. You're not helping. In fact, you're increasing my teenage existential angst to the point of diagnosable anxiety. How's that for incorporating dialogue into my work?"

Actually, that's what I think to myself now when I can't think of anything to write. I was very sweet in high school and would never have said such things, even to myself. Mostly.

Now when I can't think of anything to write, the stakes are higher. Not because I'm being graded, but because my "pencil" is an over-priced whiz bang laptop that I cannot afford to replace after flinging it.

And who would I fling it at, myself?

Oh, well...tomorrow is another day.


  1. Creative writing was one of my first classes I dropped in College. Now people tell me that I should write books, go figure...

  2. Who even takes creative writing? I am not so sure I even knew it existed...which is a laugh, because now like all of you I like it!

  3. I KNOW - I always made terrible grades in writing classes, but managed to make part of a living with it anyway. I'll show them (kind of).

  4. I must say I was one of the ones who loved creative writing and I did take it in high school and college. I tried my hand at writting in high school. Most of my shorts I finally threw out several years ago.

    Ok so don't throw your pencil at me but the teacher is right. I do just start putting words down on a post as a sentence to see where it will take me sometimes when I do not know what to write. I works SOMETIMES.

  5. Guilty. I was a journalism major with minor in English. I took every writing class I could, even technical writing where you learn to write product instructions etc! I did fine in the creative writing classes taught by women. The only class I did poorly in was fiction writing. The teacher, a man of course, didn't believe fiction could sell if it wasn't naked and bloody (at the same time). The biggest thing I learned was that for me, deadlines stifle creativity! Some people work well under pressure, but not me!

    Off to the dentist with the kids, what joy! Will be around later to visit if I survive it.


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