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Monday, July 12, 2010

I have had it! what do we need to do, to get your attention!


where is blossom? no more excuses. nobody has laundry piled that high. and cow comes home to roost every two weeks, so what does that make us???MMMM Fairweather friends??? NOT, we are badweather friends.

What is she doing? Picking Cotton or something?


  1. Cow must have baled her up with the real cotton
    Maybe she was just a figment of our imagination
    and none of this is real...

  2. ya I think you are right. Any memories I thought I had are fading fast!

  3. Hey, I went through 6 months of cotton withdrawals when they were working on the electricity or something. A few weeks is nothing. She'll back. I know she can't quit us!

  4. My theory is proved incorrect. I thought for sure she ran off with TS Hendrick.

  5. Perhaps Cotton is just a side effect of Vicodin.

  6. Fairfield I was thinking more along the lines of Stupid Bet. I tried to look up her post with facebook on it but I think she deleted it. I am going to send SB a comment, he is on her facebook and see if she has been hanging out there.

  7. Oh, all this made me laugh this morning!
    But, I wanna cry at the same time...thankfully, we have our memories. sniff sniff.
    Shall we send out a search party???

  8. TS! It was you! You're the mutineer!!! *AND* the whistle blower, I'm so confused!!! Really wish I would have read this post before posting my own.

    Today Cow has gone back to a heavy work schedule after over a month of more home time than he has ever spent. So naturally, I *would* be coming back to you all for company... (Because that is what fair weather friends are for, are you not?)

    BUT! My precious little 91 year old grandfather has very few days left in this life, and so I am packing today to make the trip to Louisiana. I've decided to put on my big girl panties and make the trip alone. I'm only saying that here, so that any of you that are part time cat burglars will know that the house will be heavily guarded and NO ONE is making off with my new Ikea sofa or rugs and or pot racks! (Oh yeah, baby).

    Really do miss y'all. See you in January, right Dawn?

  9. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I can only hope I make it that far. Can you imagine all the changes he's seen in 91 years?
    Big Hugs to you and grandpa.

  10. I am very happy to hear about the extra quality cow time. I really do not like when my husband travels a lot for work and we have to be appart.

    I am sorry to hear about your grandfather. Please drive safely. I am visiting my grandmother tonight who turns 94 for cake and ice cream. It really is amazing what they have seen during their life time.

  11. Sorry to hear about your grandfather.
    I regret now the mutiny talk. I'm glad I ratted myself out.

  12. Sorry about your Grampawl - I'm thinking of you.


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