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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Recieved this in my email inbox this morning....

It was titled "Mutiny" and sent from a whistle blower that will be protected at all cost, because of his... er, I mean, 'his or her' bravery in coming forward.

I think they're getting ready to mutiny against you on all the girls chit chat.

I won't say who's trying to stir them up but I've seen it coming.

As you can see, I distorted the type in order to make it even more difficult for this fearless soul to be discovered, but he (or she) will be forever a hero in my mind (even if it's in my mind only).

Love you, man (and or woman)!

To the rest of you I say: Stand down! (& I love you all too! Even the mutineers.)

Oh and about that Cow every two weeks thing... well, see...*ahem* we've had a lot of rain this month and well *blush* he's been home more than usual. We even took a little trip on our own, tee hee hee. Which reminds me of a PSA that I've been meaning to share, if ever you take a weekend away with your love and while there decide to buy a bathing suit because you never thought to pack yours (you're not used to being free to hang out at the hot tub at 11 at night) don't make the mistake of thinking you can find a bathing suit that would be classified as anything but indecent after 9:00pm. And you should really encourage your hubby to, um... TRY HIS ON before purchasing. It's been years since he bought one and he's gone up a few sizes since then. Not that it matters that you look like you think you're 17, or that your husband has to leave his new swimsuit completely unzipped. No, it is now after ten and surely the pool area will be empty, right? WRONG! It will not be empty and you will wind up sharing a hot tub with and 80 year old man and his bride who are both in perfectly suitable swimming attire.

Just keep that in mind, y'all.


  1. If you think this gets you off the hook you're wrong. "Rain" or no rain bloggers must be fed. I want photgraphic proof of the hot tub incident on Wit!

  2. You know what "rain" brings don't you...more little sprouts! Blogging is much easier on you in the long run.

  3. I had the weirdest dream last night, cotton was there speaking of "Fun times with a Cow" and something called rain...

  4. I am with Dawn. You are NOT off the hook unless you have proof.

  5. I third and fourth the motion! A vacation!ppppfffff. What kind of excuse is that? We need to see the unzipped proof....

  6. eeks, lets leave the unzipped-ness to cotton


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