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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey Alaina here is our frozen wasteland you went snowmobiling in!!!!!


  1. No, no wasteland, it really was beautiful. Riding on a snowmobile a neckbreaking speeds across a frozen lake with nothing around you is amazing. You have a false security that it is just snow and you can't get hurt.
    Now my husband has been there more times than me with a bunch of guys that are stupid enough to see if they can jump the big hole in the lake. They watched several guys miss and stand there to see their snowmobiles sink.
    I have been at these lakes in the summer and gone skiing, tubing, fishing and hiking in the woods. It is a beautiful country. There are areas that are remote though, my neice was in an accident and had to helicoptered out to get to a hospital, but I am sure there are many places remote like that here in the states.

  2. Speaking of remote: I dropped child number 3 off at a campsite and was it ever remote....I am not sure I would be camping where he went. I am afraid of bears and cougars! BUT, whoa was it beautiful. I should video it as I am going to pick him up tomorrow!

    When you spend 6-7 months in -20 to -30 weather celcius let me tell you it feels like a frozen wasteland. But it is my west coast upbringing and if we get to -5 for one day we think we are dead. When I moved to the prairies I learned what a togue was for!!!

  3. One guy left his truck too long on a lake in Alberta and the ice melted and down went his truck....poor sod!


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