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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A little pet peeve based on ignorance here girls...I have been wondering since I landed in blogland what in the HE double hockey sticks.....the squigly thing in front of AMP friggin means???

If you guys end up doing that on your blogs don't be offended. I must be out of the loop here, because right in the middle of a title you will have " Green (squiggly thing ) amp blankets"

Does it look dumb and meaningless or am I the dumb one for not understanding it???????????

This is a BIGG BIGGG &amp BIGGGG issue to me girls.


  1. You're referring to the symbol for the word "and". I believe it showing up like that, (instead of as the symbol) has something to do with the HTML code.
    The "&" is called an ampersand. I guess that is where the amp comes from.

  2. I hope I made since... not sure if I understand the question though.

    And = &

    & is the typographic character for the word and.

    I think when people name their blogs and use the symbol they are unaware how it will show up.

    Don't laugh at me if I'm don't get the question!!!!

  3. "I hope I made since."
    Yeah... I am not someone who should be passing out information on the why and how of the written word.

    I blog to feel humbled. The end.

  4. No you got the question....thanks....I just think why? if it is the symbol word for "and" why not just write and? I just think it looks gross.....but hey thanks for the quick response! you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. &amp we should add that to our posts to make people like me mental...just like the atmostastic idea you had blossom......jeez i would be mental for sure. Actually I already am.

  6. You're welcome... didn't want you breaking teeth on pecils or pulling out your hair if I could give you an answer. (Or at least distract you with something else to pull your hair out over..."since?" UGH!)

    I really do think that people think it will show up differently. They probably don't realize it an be changed and feel stuck with it.

  7. pencils... I kid you not... I kept looking at that word thinking somethin' wasn't right... Not until I hit publish did I see the problem.


    How come I never see errors when writing in the comment font, but spot them as soon as they are printed in the final blog font?

  8. Oh MY! I have to get out of this place! I'm a typing looney today!

    it is annoying my sis named her blog with an & sign and makes an error sign on my blog log. drives me nuts.

  10. Just go with 'n, or - n - .

  11. I guess I have not come across that situation yet but I will probably notice it now. As for the misspellings in comments, if I type when I am tired I usually mix two letters and do not notice until it publishes and you can not go back and fix it. I think everyone has that problem though & I would not stress over it. We still love ya. Good one Amy.

  12. Here I thought Cranberry had some inch worms crawling across her screen. I was going to suggest she take her laptop inside to blog.


    This is a test from the public blogging system. It is only a test. In the event of a real ampersand a word would follow.


  13. My blog does that often and I have tried to fix it a million times only to have it revert. Yes, I could have just said "and", but that isn't what I wanted. "And" is boring, "&" looks cool...when it works right.

  14. I think we could sufficiently drive someone crazy on this blog if we worked together.

  15. You guys are mean, I'm going to the corner to cry! LOL but wow does it really bug me... I won't even look at a blog if I see it....

    inch worms crawling across my page??? boy I didnt get that one.

  16. I just love how such a simple question can turn into such silly comments!

  17. Silly comments: thats what girls are made of.....

  18. Cranberry -

    You said right in the middle of your page you will have "Green (squiggly things )" ... hence

  19. Duh...

    (I'm afraid Berries was looking for a deeper meaning on that one... she really came to the wrong blog for 'deep'.)


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