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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

knock knock...

Please tell me I am NOT the only one that has pushed a garage door opener button- thinking it was the doorbell. Three times I have done this- you'd think I'd learn. But, since I grew up with out a doorbell OR a garage, I guess I have an excuse. Come to think of it, I don't have either of those things as an adult. So, that explains it. Anyway, it is very embarrassing to shut someone's garage door when you walk up to their door. It is quite loud and hard to hide the fact that you are that stupid! Imagine the panic when it is going down & you are picturing it hitting their car or cat or something else that might be in the way. oh brother!


  1. okay, I am not the only one. I just asked my husband the other day , "Why would you have a doorbell in the garage entry?"
    He replied, "oh man, that is a garage door opener!!!"
    So don't feel bad, I do it too!

  2. I've done it too! A friend always has her garage door open and we enter though it. She usually has just the security door closed between the garage and house so when the wood door was closed too I was looking for doorbell! It does surprise you, and for a second you're thinking did I do that and should I push it again? Or did they do it from the inside and it's just coincidence? Luckily my son stopped it before it squashed the sleeping cat!

  3. I have never heard of this happening, I did giggle. I can just picture it in my mind, the panic, the embarrassment, I did feel for you.

  4. oh ho ho ho ho... that is FUN-NAY! You silly girl... I can't imagine.
    Ha ha ha haahahahahaha!


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