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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's Do the Happy Dance

Ok girls, everyone up and do the HAPPY DANCE!



Thanks for celebrating with me.

I start my job on August 23, part-time, MWF as a teller in a Credit Union.
  I can not wait I am so excited.

Thanks for all the well wishes, all that positive energy helped, especially with that resume error.

PS Those are not my feet, I borrowed someone elses', I liked the shoes.

PPS Now I get to go shopping for work clothes.  Maybe I will have to go to Blossom's and check out those dresses. 



  1. Woo Hoo! I got my new modem and am back online just in time for the good news! Congratulations!

  2. Congrats Alaina! Happy for you.

    Dawn, I was wondering where you were. Welcome Back!

  3. Sugar!!!! Congratulations! We call that a double Jesus bonus around here, when a nice thing happens to a good person. Amen!

  4. WHOO HOO!!! Oh, To be out in the world again!
    CONGRATS! (I like those shoes too... do they come in a house-shoe version? HA!)

  5. Yea for YOU!!! That's fabulous!!

  6. PS) I'm glad you didn't try to claim this lady's shoes as your own... I think you've probably taken shoes that didn't belong to you enough for one life time!

  7. YAY, so excited for you.
    See it was all your personal charm you didn't even need to prove it in writing.
    Any reason to go shopping, but this is a great one

  8. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful words and excitment. Blossom I am impressed you remembered about my taking the poor candle ladies shoes.

    whooooohoooooo. I would go to you everytime! I am glad you are happy and everything went well. sorry I am not on the ball,but I went to the mainland yesterday and was away from the computer all day....congratulations!

  10. Dang, you girls ARE funny! Am I tired, or is Helen Horsewife really as hilarious as I think she is? I think I'm in danger of becoming her though...

  11. Helen the Horsewife is how Alaina got the job. She rode up to the drive thru (her husband was towing her behind his tractor). Alaina was masked and when the teller asked: Can I help you? Alaina replied: Yes, give me your money. The teller, exasperated exclaimed, They'll have my job. Alaina replied: Okay I'll take that too. But I don't have my resume. Shoot. She kicked Helen the Horse Wife's side and bruised her foot while waving frantically to her husband to move.
    Join us tomorrow for another episode of Farm Gals Gone Wild.

  12. I was trying to keep that story under my hat until Karen had gotten to know us a little better.

  13. Nothing is secret or sacred around here...wait till you see Helen Piratewife!

  14. Congratulations on the new gig!!

    I hope you'll still be posting on a regular basis!
    I just found this blog and I love it!!

    Have a great week,

  15. I just learned this morning that Maggie (Olivia's 14 year old pug) died. Maggie was like a child to Olivia and I have no doubt she suffering with this loss. Please stop by her blog today and leave a kind comment so she knows she is in our thoughts and prayers.


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