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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grey Gardens

Okay folks, I found some time to chill and did it. I watched Grey Gardens, and now can be in the loop. Very interesting, and wow were they delusional! I recognized the clip, Cotton, that you put in and in seeing it in context....made it all the better. I think they stored up the garbage because the mother makes a comment at the begining about having to pay for pick up in the Hamptons. Could you imaging the disgrace in the neighborhood?

Cotton by the clip you put in I would have never guessed in a million years that Drew Barrymore played Little Edie.....wowow.


  1. Drew Barrymore was better than great in this role. I've always like her, but I was worried she'd gone down the road of so many of her contemporaries and accepting only roles in which she seemed to play herself (or her public persona) more than anything. Not so here - and the same for Jessica Lange. Premium acting.

    Berries, dahrling, I'm so glad you're part of the crazy cat lady crowd now. We're the better for it.

  2. Such a great movie yet so depressing and sad, those poor kitties...I could only half watch it while I worked or I felt I would catch the crazy. LOL!

  3. Yeah Berries, but did you take a shower or clean out a closet afterwards? If so, you're in!

  4. I've actually never seen the one with Drew.

  5. Just so you all know I already am a crazy cat lady. I have 4 and know beyond a shadow of a doubt if I lived alone it would be more!

    No, I dont need to clean a closet, i just need to clean house because nothing but painting and building and creating are being done. and then it looks like not much.

    oh and driving driving driving...everywhere!

  6. OK, I want to watch this now, because I'm a big fan of both actresses.
    But it sounds like it's kinda creepy too. I'm a big puss (no pun intended) when it comes to creepy stuff, and especially if it involves animals - or kids- or ME!

    I enjoy reading your blog! I'll be back.


  7. Gabriele, if you're a germophobe, this will likely give you nightmares. If you enjoy seeing people messier than you are captured on film (who said that?), watch it today.


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