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Thursday, January 20, 2011

CSN Giveaway

CSN got a hold of me to do a giveaway for them on Wit Behind the Ears. (No, Alaina, that's not what I've been so giddy about.)

Here's the thing yo, I've never hosted a giveaway before. I'm not sure exactly how to get people to enter, how to raffle it off, how to let people know about it. Anything.

The giveaway I did for the cookbook, was a surprise giveaway and came after everyone had already left a comment.  And all I did was write y'alls names down on scraps of paper and pull one out. Not exactly high tech, ya know?

But for this one, since the whole point is to drive up hits to the site they want me to link to, I have no idea how to proceed. :-o

And if they get a lot of entries they might run one again... maybe even for more moolah... woohoo! So I want to get this one right, see?

Let me tell you, the guy that drew my name out of the blogging hat, got gypped.

Any tips?


  1. I second PSS's comment: good luck. Obviously, I only know how to write names on slips of papers. :)

  2. Well... y'all are absolutely no help at all! Hmph!

  3. A couple of questions, what blog are you doing this on, Whit or Chit Chat. You can make bloggers have to comment to enter for a chance to win, make them visit CSN and pick out something they would choose if they won, so you know they are visiting the CSN website. There is a random number picker but I have never used it. You can make a button or ask other bloggers to pass the word about the giveaway for a second chance to win, and you can tell bloggers for a third chance to win they need to become a follower. I am not a fan of the third because that only adds followers, and some are only there for the giveaway. I hope this helps.

  4. CSN is easy enough. You can pretty much do whatever with them so long as you put that anchor their link as they ask.

  5. I'm just nervous no one will show up!I won't ask people to follow, but if they would tell their friends that would be great. I seriously emailed this dude like 18 times with questions... poor thing... it's a 20 dollar giveaway, good grief, I'm acting like it's the Oscars.

  6. Don't stress! It's easy. Alaina's ideas were good. Random.org is super simple, just put in the high and low numbers, say 1 to 37 and hit gnerate. It gives you a number. Just make sure to put an ending time to the comments. The simplest way is just to give one chance per comment, but if you want a lot of math to do give extra chances for other things.

    Write a simple post, do you hear me Blossom? Simple = short! If they spend all day reading about Little's boo boo they won't remember to go to the CSN site. Something decor oriented with a knockout photo at the top so when we tell people to go check it out, they're hooked. Make you title something like. Playhouse Update and a CSN Giveaway! I know all your followers aren't into decor but the regulars will show up anyway and OUR followers will be more likely to check it out.

    Easy Peasy!

  7. okay! Short... I can do short. See? take this comment for the example. Precise and to the point. Nothing extra. Not a thing. It's like I took your advice, and I internalized it and i'm out there making it happen. which reminds me of the time I...



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