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Friday, December 31, 2010

Would any of you...

Ever like to meet up as a group?

I'm generally pretty anti-social. Not on purpose or anything, it just seems to work out that way. I guess I'd just about rather hole up in my house than be anywhere else. You know, at parties, I hug the wall. But for you fine people, I'd actually put pants on and pack a suitcase.

Anyway, maybe I'm just dreaming here, we do come from all over the map. (Yikes, Berries!) But maybe we could pick some far off date (so that we could all save up) and some central location. (Nebraska? LOL)

I'm addressing this to "all" of us. Followers, authors, and friends that don't get to hang here much anymore.

I've never been really interested in going to one of the blogging conferences but something like that with all or some of you could be super fun!

Just somethin to chew on. Happy New Years, friends!


  1. OMG that would be so neat.
    I am actually planning on something similar to this with all my cali buddies

  2. you should put some pants on and come to cali blossom or a tiny weeny bikini since I know how much you love the swimsuit scene LOL

  3. LOL!!!! Do teeny weeny bikinis come in turtle neck versions?

  4. aaa, Have I ever mentioned that I have permanent swimsuit on my body, once when I was in my mid 20's I rented my first apt with a POOL I was so excited and in great swimsuit shape went down and fell asleep in the sun. The worst burn ever and left me with what looks like I am wearing a swimsuit scarred for life on me...is this TMI?

  5. Is it a swimsuit of freckles??? Your very own polka dot suit. I fell asleep in the sun once. I have no business in the sun anyway, but to sleep in it was murder. I had one spot that was nothing but raw oozing meat. What? Me too with the TMI?

  6. Oozing meat, heh heh heh heh,, that is my bevis and butthead impression

    Nope not freckles just tanned skin, weird
    Your night at home sounds good to me.
    I want to watch a movie and soak in the bath.
    I just got the new country living mag and want to read it by myself in the soothing bath
    I am in the process of making cookies, is it wrong to eat those in the bath too....

  7. heck no, it's not wrong! Country Living a hot bath and cookies = bliss!

  8. well its a date then.
    Just finished scrubbing the bath. My sis in law
    gave me a balsam scented candle and it is heaven.
    I will lite it and try not to fall asleep.
    Oh I responded to your hat question on my blog cotton.
    short version, 20 minutes for shell then longer for embellishing....

  9. I am so impressed with how quickly you can do that. I had wondered about it, thinking that for you to produce enough goods to sell and manage your home you probably were able to work swiftly. But the quality and detail, well, it would take me HOURS.

    Balsam is the best!

  10. It sounds like fun, do I need to bring a kitten?

  11. I wanted to get rid of the Christmas decorations, from my home and here. Now for me snow can last till Feb or March so please if anyone wants to switch it up by all means please do so. I didn't want to push the next holiday and put up Valentines yet. Happy New Year everyone, party at Blossom's.

  12. We're going to need lots of kittens! I used to hate that empty/cold feeling that was left after putting away Christmas. I think this year I'm going to leave most everything in our den (an old sled and some wooden skis etc) until it's time for me to make it feel more like spring in here. I might leave up my Nativity for a while too.

    So I wonder when's the best time of year for everyone? When school is in session? So some of us won't have to arrange for as much care? Or sometime in summer when things (hopefully) tend to slow down? We have plenty of time to plan, but let's do this!

  13. Nebraska? That's approximately 1500 miles from me. But what's a couple of miles to meet up with some friends?

    Happy New Year!


  14. Nebraska? What about Seattle?

    Somewhere in the middle of the map of America would be central.

    Or you could all come to my house eh?


    and you wouldn't even need to wear a bathing suit.

  15. I know! The miles would be CRAZY! I think what we should do if see who of us would seriously consider traveling halfway across the country to meet up. And *then* pick an interesting place located centrally among those who would come.

    Or does anybody know of a good blogging conference in mid-America? I think blissdom is in Tennessee, which is more out of the way for some of us, but to ease the burden, I'm sure TS would let us crash at his place. Right, TS?

    I'll take his silence on the issue as a resounding YES!

  16. Nebraska?!?!? Seriously, I don't think that I am allowed to go to Nebraska. No offense to anyone that is from there are is currently incarcerated there, I mean lives there.

    I am planning on going to Blogher in August...that is in San Diego though, not convenient for all.

  17. Blogher, eh? Hmmm. Maybe I just need to plan a trip to the east and the west coast and then anyone who lives in the middle can come visit me!


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