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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The fainting tree

Trees DO faint- if they are bumped really hard.
This is how it went:
7yo: "Mom, I just learned what happens when you do a 360 off the coffee table & land in the Christmas tree! It hurts!"
Me: "Whoa!! Are you OK? Don't do that again!! You could have knocked the tree over!!!!"
7yo went back to her dancing, I went back to my paperwork (or whatever it was I was trying to do at the time...)
One minute later:

I did NOT get a picture of the tree, only this one of the pile of ornaments that ended up on the floor (ignore the scissors & stuffed moose- they were not on the tree)

My daughter thought the tree looked like it fainted! (I'm just glad I didn't.)
But, I didn't panic, I just raced over to set the tree back up. Then, I noticed the dirty tree water was dumping onto the battenburg lace tree skirt and the carpet AND the tree would just not stay up, no matter what I tried-- THEN I started to sweat a little. Add to that, the oldest yelling at the youngest something about not dancing next to trees. And, the middle being the man-- tying the tree (with some thick UGLY strap he found in the workshop) to the picnic table through the open window (on the 17degree windy porch) making me VERY cold (which btw could be another post: I literally had 4 shirts on [&2 hoods] yesterday and a scarf in my kitchen. I have never felt so cold in my life! and that is with the heat on!)

So, after lots of work- the tree was up again BUT no one wanted to decorate it! The pile of ornaments stayed right there on the floor for 24 hrs. until I finally did it myself.

I have to say, I'm actually kind of glad it happened, though. :) I had not decorated the tree at all the first time b/c the kids were so happy to do it themselves- I stayed busy with other decorating (or bills or whatever) SO,,, when I sat by the pile of ornaments (alone) with my Christmas music playing- I actually cried as I thought about my grandmother who passed away in February. She gave me an ornament every Christmas... She made Christmas day SUPER special for us when we were kids & I'm gonna miss her being there this year. It hadn't really hit me until that moment.
I will insist we tie the tree next year. Believe it or not, this is NOT the first time our Christmas tree has fallen over. I know. that is just kinda stupid. ;)


  1. You are such a sweet mama. That would not have gone over nearly as well with me. Love how the ornaments fell off in the shape of a Christmas tree.

    Glad you had a moment to yourself to reflect.
    Merry Christmas.

    PS) Whichever goofy goober did the new header, I love it. And I really like the new background.

  2. Yah Cotton the surroundings around here are great.

    I probably would have gone mental...I can just imagine the child in question doing the flip into the tree....the kids were always doing gymnastics in the house...glad it brought back good memories.

  3. Wow I thought I was the only one who put on a coat, gloves, cap and scarf when walking into any room on the west side of my home -- including the kitchen. I feel your goose bumps and teeth chattering. So if a Christmas Tree falls in a house and no mother screams does it make a sound?
    I can picture the commotion around the site of the accident and them all walking away. Perhaps that was the way it was intended so you would have that you could decorate the tree alone "with" your grandmother.
    Your Friend,

  4. Update: the tree has stayed upright.:)
    Although, it doesn't look nearly as pretty as it did before the incident.
    Deborah- part of the issue is if I am the only one feeling cold, I refuse to turn the heat up. I usually don't mind just layering to stay warm, its just that I've never actually worn a scarf indoors before this month. Stay warm! :)
    This week, I am going to do my best to fight the urge to curl up in my cozy bed all day... (as a matter of fact, I have to fight that urge on a regular basis) because I have way too much to do before Friday/Saturday.
    Hope you all have a peaceful week and a merry Christmas!
    P.S.Please say a prayer for my husband's cousin Sarah- she was just diagnosed w/ cancer and will begin treatments this week. She is 29, with 2 young children. thanks. <3

  5. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. :-(
    I too have to fight that urge. I love my bed, and in the winter the urge to stay in it is hard to control. I've worn a scarf indoors LOTS of times, if I'm cold I crank that heat baby. But I can go most the summer without needing the ac turned on, so I save us money there. :-p


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