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Monday, November 22, 2010

Somebody motivate me to move my body...

in a manner that will result in a clean and tidy house.
For some reason, sitting here on the couch, isn't cuttin it.


  1. ha I just got up and vacuumed like crazy, now I am back on the couch...it was the oatmeal Brooklyn had from one end of the room to the other that motivated me

  2. Thanks for the comment at CSoM, the reality is much different though. I need Amy to come vacuume the fur, I mean flooor so we can find the carpet that needs cleane before Thanksgiving.

    I remember a little poem my class recited for a poetry festival in about 4th grade...

    Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout
    Would not take the garbage out!
    She'd scour the pots and scrape the pans,
    Candy the yams and spice the hams,
    And though her daddy would scream and shout,
    She simply would not take the garbage out.
    And so it piled up to the ceilings:
    Coffee grounds, potato peelings,
    Brown bananas, rotten peas,
    Chunks of sour cottage cheese.
    It filled the can, it covered the floor,
    It cracked the window and blocked the door
    With bacon rinds and chicken bones,
    Drippy ends of ice cream cones,
    Prune pits, peach pits, orange peel,
    Gloppy glumps of cold oatmeal,
    Pizza crusts and withered greens,
    Soggy beans and tangerines,
    Crusts of black burned buttered toast,
    Gristly bits of beefy roasts. . .
    The garbage rolled on down the hall,
    It raised the roof, it broke the wall. . .
    Greasy napkins, cookie crumbs,
    Globs of gooey bubble gum,
    Cellophane from green baloney,
    Rubbery blubbery macaroni,
    Peanut butter, caked and dry,
    Curdled milk and crusts of pie,
    Moldy melons, dried-up mustard,
    Eggshells mixed with lemon custard,
    Cold french fried and rancid meat,
    Yellow lumps of Cream of Wheat.
    At last the garbage reached so high
    That it finally touched the sky.
    And all the neighbors moved away,
    And none of her friends would come to play.
    And finally Sarah Cynthia Stout said,
    "OK, I'll take the garbage out!"
    But then, of course, it was too late. . .
    The garbage reached across the state,
    From New York to the Golden Gate.
    And there, in the garbage she did hate,
    Poor Sarah met an awful fate,
    That I cannot now relate
    Because the hour is much too late.
    But children, remember Sarah Stout
    And always take the garbage out!

    Shel Silverstein, 1974

    Hey, I do what I can to help!

  3. let me rephrase that, I remember learning the poem, not the actual poem itself...I googled it!

  4. He is a great author, I have three of his books that my kids like to have read to them. I am having some of the blahhhs too. Much easier to sit on the couch reading magazines. The part I hate about winter is the lack of sunlight. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving except Berries and Karen you already had yours you have a great weekend.

  5. The Cotton Ball,

    I feel your pain. I am sitting here waiting for the bulldozer I rented to arrive.


  6. Hey Girls! First of all.. Amy that actually did motivate me, but I never made it off the couch last night, none the less.

    Dawn, I remember poor little Sarah. Somebody should get her on that hoarders show;-)

    Yep, ALaina I AGREE. I miss the sun! Yesterday I was having trouble getting going in one room and couldn't figure out why... and then I realized the blinds were still closed, the difference in my attitude was night and day;-)

    Deborah, It is strangely comforting to know that you guys are feeling the same way, sometimes I feel defunct. Hmmm, We happen to own a couple bulldozers, tempting thought;-)

    Okay, I seem to be winking a lot lately. Guess that's about all the movement I can muster;-)

    PS) Is anyone else having trouble using comments on blogger? For about 3-4 months I have. It is SUCH a pain to leave one, and has really effected how many I leave. It might take me three or four times for it to take. And for some reason signing in and staying signed into blogger is next to impossible. I'm also having trouble with the new picture loader. It won't let me rotate pics, even if I rotated them before loading them onto blogger it changes them back to the original. Since when is blogging supposed to feel like work???
    No winking there, for sure!

  7. I use wordpress. No issues here.

  8. Mine has been as slow as you getting off the couch but it eventually loads, but that staying signed in never works, and it takes forever to sign out,???

  9. blech, I need to do laundry, therefore I blog.

  10. Oh wonderful. The Dash and Albert rug I ordered two months ago shows up today. Just what I need, another project.

  11. Nothing slower than that, Amy... I'm still there!

    Right Karen? I've forgotten how I put off work pre-internet.

    Never heard of Dash and Albert, intrigued... Hope you'll be posting pics soon! (I have heard of Salvation and Army as well as Will and Good, so I do get out a little.)

  12. Dash and Albert rock(s)...have a runner in the kids hallway.

    Just got my GW chairs back from a non-English speaking upholsterer...um, dude?...the cowhide was supposed to go on the seat...he left the lushiss green retirement home vinyl on the seats and did an absolutely amazing job applying the cowhide to the inside back (which is splat and supposed to be open). Kelly green vinyl seats, b/w hair on hide backs, distressed Belgian gray finish - look for me on design*sponge "before and after", any day now.

    He really did do such a good job I barely have the heart to point out we agreed to communicate by cave drawing. Looks like I'll be ordering another hide. Do you have any of those, not on the hoof?

  13. Design Sponge? It's like I'm living under a rock.

    Listen CC, that kinda thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. I'm the poster child for mishaps like this. Such a bummer. But awesome blog material, PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!!! You seem to be taking it like a champ, btw.

  14. My house also needs to be cleaned- but the top priority is all the FOOD that the family is expecting to eat on Thursday. Hopefully, I will be motivated to clean the floor before I cook tomorrow. Border collie hair in the stuffing would NOT go over well with the in-laws!
    Happy Thanksgiving girls! :) For you Cotton B... a ;-)

  15. Miss Becky! I am actually getting tons of help this year with the food. If I was expected to do both I'd have to fake the flu.

  16. I can't wanna do it! And you can't make me!!!
    But seriously folks, somebody needs to make me.
    My house is now in FAIR condition. I wouldn't die of mortal embarrassment if anyone walked into any room on the bottom floor or into my daughters room upstairs. But that's where it ends people. You've seen hoarders? Yeah? Well you ain't seen nothing yet! It's BAAAAAAD, naught, naughty BAAAAD! How did I let my children do this to me? What have I been so busy doing that it was okay that not a single thing in their possession is put where it belongs. Clean and folded laundry mixed in with piles of caked in mud jeans and mildewy pool towels. Old snacks and drips and sticky stuff have free run of the place. Piles and piles of learning implements everywhere you turn, the whole thing makes me want to get rid of everything but two outfits each, never let them eat ANYWHERE but at the kitchen table, and then only Pizza (pizza is like the only thing they don't make a mess with? Why is that?) and say to HECK with your educations... y'all are smart enough. Bored? Here's a vacuum, have at it!

  17. The Cotton Ball,
    I feel your pain. I suggest we lock the doors, turn out the lights and pretend there's no one home. You and I can meet up at a diner for a hot turkey sandwich. HooAhh!

  18. hmmm, Geography isn't my strongest subject but would somewhere in Tennessee be a good place to meet? I'll start packing my bag right now!

  19. OK, gag, I literally just pulled a dog hair out of the cornbread!!!!! Its all because of my comment! AND, I just admitted it online. Oh my goodness. I am gonna go back to cleaning & finish the food at midnight- when everything is still in the house & nothing is stirring up the dust. Presently, the girls are practicing their Thanksgiving show dances/songs upstairs, above the kitchen... the chandelier is actually shaking when they dance overhead. I'm sure that is the cause of the dust. Faking the flu-- good idea, except I am starving for my pumpkin roll & pies & stuffing. My MIL is bringing the turkey, but I could eat this meal without that- its all the sides that I love. Alright, breaks over- get to work!
    P.S. Cotton B I UNDERSTAND! My house is like that! I actually have said to my kids "I NEVER let my room get like this when I was a kid!" Nothing like a little shame to kick them in gear. sigh.

  20. when everything is "still" in the house, meaning "motionless"- not like tomorrow nothing will be in the house & so I'll cook tonight while everything is still here. OK, maybe you understood that the first time. but, I'm kinda blonde & often confuse myself.

  21. LOLing! Admitting to dog hair in the cornbread is EXACTLY what this place is for! I've done all the picking up and putting away (read shoving in closets) that I can muster. Headed to the store to pick up some things and start my cooking. Love to you all, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  22. FYI: the ONLY reason my girl's room is clean is because she doesn't sleep or play there. We store her clothes there (when they are actually put away) but her toddler bed, books and toys are in her brother's room... the "twain" scares her when it comes through at night. Whatever kid, as long as you don't keep *me* up.

  23. My home is almost spotless and all the pet hair is on the pets for once! If you have to spend the night in ER with hubby it's nice to come home and find your mom mopping at 1 am. Actually it's a bit degrading to find that your mom has done in 5 hours what you coudn't do in 5 months.

    I am so thankful to have her, even if she didn't use all her anxious energy to speed clean my home every time we have an emergency. I'm also thankful hubby is okay after one of those "it's nothing" cuts turned into an infection that has him admitted to the hospital for a few days. Yep, he and I will be watching the football game from the hospital, interrupted only by the medivac chopper that flies by his window several times a day and the nurse changing the i.v. for one of 3 antibiotics he is receiving. He probably won't be home for a few days but he is doing better than last night. So, yea, it's nice to have a clean home but I think for us Thanksgiving will be about not sweating the small stuff like pet hair in the food, or that darn iv machine dinging that it's empty just as hubby goes to sleep. In the big picture it's about being thankful to have your love ones near and healthy!
    Love ya all for the brutal honesty that lets me know I'm not alone in the "not quite June Cleaver school of housekeeping"!

  24. Dawn I am sorry to hear you will be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital but thankful your husband will be ok. You are right in the long run it is the friends and family around us that we are most thankful for.

    Now as far as cleaning the house, I am knee deep in decorations because I am NOT having Thanksgiving this year. My father and his wife have no major jobs, no children and no major cleaning to do so I say let them do it and I will bring the side dishes and pie. Oh but I will have to clean for Christmas Eve. I have more than a month to get ready for that, do you think I will wait until the last minute, of course I will. Becky don't sweat it we have all had the hair in the food, human or animal. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  25. Well, I had another chuckle when 3/4 of the way into the big dinner tonight... I discovered I had forgotten to clean the toilet- ewwwwww!!!!! oh well... when everyone left, they went on & on about what a wonderful time they had. My kid's show was HI-LAR-I-OUS and our sides hurt from laughing so hard. Dirty toilets & dog hair will be forgotten, I'm sure. But, my company went home with big smiles & full bellies! Happy Thanksgiving, girls!
    Dawn- I hope everything works out fine for your hubby. Blessings!

  26. Sounds wonderful, Becky, you're absolutely right about what will be remembered.

    Alaina, my son is ready to start pulling out the decorations he's just about got me talked into it.

    Sweet Dawn,
    I hate hearing about what you're going through, but so thankful that you are getting the help you need and remember it is ALWAYS easier to clean another's house than it is our own.

  27. Make sure you all read my post that I linked back to (The Big Chill) about my one and only sale day shopping experience.

    For those of you going out to face the crowds, be safe out there. Don't forget your helmets and stun guns.

  28. Dawn,

    I left a comment here for you and puff it disappeared into a black hole. I am sorry your husband had to spend the holiday in the hospital but thankful he is getting the care he needs to recover.

    Your Friend,


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