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Sunday, November 14, 2010

I know I've been gone a while...

But what's up with Berries' blogspot address? I can't get there!

I'm working on a blog roll FINALLY for Wit and needed her address, but I wasn't able to find her. Anything else change while I was gone? Haven't seen Frank in a while.

Miss you all tons, and want you to know that as the days get shorter and colder you can expect to be seeing lots more of me 'round here... Can't wait to catch back up!

PS) If any of you have FB pages for your blog, please let me know so that I can hook up with you that way. Seems these days that the posts that I read the most of are the ones I catch on FB.

PPS) Ha, ha! No kitty news here... just wanted to make sure I had your attention ;-)


  1. I came for the kitten and finding no kitten news I feel robbed.

  2. Berries has changed to a new blog go www.pretty-pinksatinsashes.blogspot.com
    and her new blog name is pink satin sashes. I forgot to update her on the blog roll here. Glad no FBI searches were necessary.

  3. TS, Don't ya just hate it when that happens?
    I looked for a symbol that meant "extremely boring post, nothing here worth reading" but we haven't come up with one yet.

    Thanks, Alaina!

  4. Okay, I had a revelation the other day...I hope you are all not pissed at me for slipping off the face of the earth.

    I have been really disapointed with where cranberry cottage was going for months and months...I wanted to quit. So I thought maybe I should give it one more hurrah...i was trying to make another blog...which I have wanted to for awhile.

    I have pretty small limited computer skills and everytime i went to start a new thing, the old address came up and it was pissing me off because i wanted a separate place completely cut off from cranberry.. I could NOT figure it out at all ...so true to form in the spontenaety of myself, i said screw it and deleted it. then of course blogger banned me from making a new one....I guess I had pressed so many "wrong" buttons I pissed them off in the process. Anyhow my son finally came to my rescue ...oh and my daughter and my husband.....so that is why cranberry is off the air with no hoopla of moving....yes...I am impulsive.....very. I am really glad I did it because for one I hated my name....2nd I had a stalker bloggeeee who knew where I lived...she found my house on cranberry ave....duh...yah like it is the only RED house....i found out in the summer and it totally freaked me out....she was talking to a neighbor about me.....talk about freakin me out...that did it.

    So I don't reall want to make a hoopla about my true identity...( what if she reads this?)

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO how can I be on here?

  5. Well that certainly is a good reason to change blogs. Why can't people respect boundaries?

    As far as Frank goes, she lost her beloved Pug, Maggie in August. She was away for a while and is busy creating beautiful things.

    I don't have a face book page. People have been trying to convince me to start one for some time but blogging is enough social networking for me. My life is just not that interesting. Glad you are back (for now).

    Your Friend,


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