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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Gwen's Party & You're Invited...

Alright ladies! Who ordered the Chip & Dale dancers???

Be sure to sign the guest book on your way in!
And add whatever treats to this post that you want to bring along...
(I can only imagine!)

BYOB? I thought you said BYOG!

Ok, the birthday girl has to get flowers on her birthday, if someone knows your favorite kind they can switch them, no water necessary!

Now, I KNOW I was supposed to be shopping for YOU,
 but come on, how is girl to resist pink AND ruffles.

Take a DEEP breath and blow! 

Now don't tell anyone what you wished for.

Come on, you are only 39 once.

Of course we can't forget getting you something special to show you how much we care!
Put on those party dresses girls and dance!

P.S. There is another birthday coming up in October.


  1. My my, Gwen! I love your dress, wherever did you find it?

  2. I would rock that dress! Thank you ssoooooooooo much for my party!

  3. Gwennie! Put that book down and come dance with us!

    Speaking of Chip and Dale... I asked for a Chippendale calendar for my birthday when I was a teen. I received one from a friend. My mom looked all surprised and said,"I've been looking for a chipmunk calendar for a month. I couldn't figure out why you wanted chipmunks!" Sad thing was, she was serious.

  4. Goats? Oh my! *NOW* it's a party!!!!

  5. HA! I would have been looking for a furniture calendar for you... am I equally a dork?

  6. Well girls this looks like a fun party, I brought some gifts and MORE cake, she HAS to blow out the candles to get a birthday wish.

  7. Who's the other october baby? I say we do pot-luck for it, and bring our dream date...

  8. The flowers are a nice touch.

    Mine is the 29th. You must wear witch costumes for it. By the way, where is Deborah? She should be at this party.

  9. Dawn is the birthday girl, October 29. I think we should make it a costume party in honor of halloween.

  10. Dawn I see we were both writing our comments about the same time. Great minds think alike.

  11. Haappyy Birthday, Gwen! I'd add a picture or two, but I'm afraid I'd delete the other ones in the process.
    pot-luck and dream date... nice idea, Cotton B!
    whoo hoo, Dawn! When I was a teen, my calendars had teddy bears on them, no "chipmunks"

  12. Get rid of those goats, their going to eat everything, inc. the dress. Happiest Birthday, Gwenderella, no one is more deserving, dear one.

    Hey - I knew this was a coven...mine's the 23rd. Word!

  13. er - they're - or them's is - whichever.

  14. But she wanted a goat for a present! I couldn't very well put them in a box.

    Sounds like this party could go on all month!

  15. Sorry Did I miss the party? Happy Birthday Gwennie.

    I am with Becky, adding something on here from me may be disasterous!


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