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Friday, April 30, 2010

This blog is officially...

no longer P rated...
She really missed y'all while you were away.
I couldn't just leave her like that.


  1. What a lovely photo to have pop up on your dashboard! Glad I took this blog off my blog roll when I realized we weren't "public" yet. How was your evening with company?

  2. does this mean I can post magnet men?

  3. someone sent me an email but i dunno where it went....help.

  4. This picture is c for creepy not s for sassy! :) Don't even tell me what you googled to find it!

  5. Look at what happens when you sleep.

  6. Oh no we're public AAAAHHHH I'm sorry I was just teasin. Don't ever take me seriously.

    Please. Unless I claim that I'm having a heart attack or something, I'd never kid about cardiovascular disease...of course I probably wouldn't come to YOU GUYS if I was having an actual heart attack. No offense.

  7. wait...so we're not p for prude...OR c for creepy??? That leaves so much of my stuff out.

    Why I googled....Typewriter Contortionist... of course!!!!

  8. Dawn, my evening was exhausting...and you know Pippi? Well that girl ended up doing everything for me, FOR REAL, she came over an hour ahead of time with 4 or 5 side dishes and then pushed me out of the kitchen so that I would make myself smell better.

    Then she cooked the entire meal. And her and Connie K cleaned up afterwards...and then thanked ME.

    I've decided to have them back over tonight...do you think they'll come?

  9. That's how I type when I get all my best ideas for posts.

    - Deborah

  10. I hear it's good for correcting posture...do you find that to be true?


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