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Friday, April 30, 2010

Dawn This Yellow Is For You!

Dawn I could not resist taking these pictures for you.  Yellow flowers, funny thing about that.  One of the most invasive flowers is YELLOW.  I am sure we all remember as kids making necklaces and crowns with them.   These are my kids flowers, I let them pick as many as they want.
 Now my neighbor spends lots of money to keep those yellows away, I am not that crazy. 
Can you see the line, dandelions, NO dandelions.  I thought if might make you laugh.  Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Well I think they are beautiful! And their blossoms should definitely replace the blossom in the right hand corner.

  2. Beautiful. The line reminds me of when I was little and the retired Air Force man who lived next to us wanted my dad to cut the grass at the exact same height as his. Dad pointed out that he worked 12 hours a day and the guy could raise his mower to match our side. It wasn't long before a little brick wall went up...

  3. WOW ALAINA REALLY??? I'd like to see clean dishes and lunch on the table... well?

    Alaina, I doubt I get to the emails before I leave, check out the post on my blog...are you cool with that? Can you post a comment to tell people that they can click on your name to get to your email?

    I had something else...what was it? Oh yeah...I want my potty to be CLEAN!!!

    No that wasn't it...

  4. Oh I'm sorry Alaina has left the building.

  5. WELCOME ELIZABETH!!!! Do you want to join into post? Send Alaina (awal.ny) an email and she'll sen you an invite...we would love to have you!!!

  6. Such the gracious hostess, practicing for tonight.

  7. we could play a round of 'count blossom's typos'

  8. Ya know.. there are folks here who would make dandelion wine outta that field. I'll pass on that.. but their greens are tasty with some pasta and garlic..

  9. This message is for Dawn: Thanks for visiting my blog this week. I will hope and pray that the husband gets me that red print for the kitchen (ref: Rednesday). I love the party here. Lots of fun!


  10. Anne-Marie, with your Thursday smiles post it sounds like you fit right in here! Hope the rather twisted photos don't scare you away. I think they got it out of their systems now.

    Right Berries and Blossom?

    I need a better name for this blog...someone give me a nick name...wait... nevermind... I'll think of one my self...

  11. oh dawn...you so don't want one of us to nick name you do you?

    Well ok, you asked for it....
    I hereby dub you the bra-less wonder!!!

    Love ya BW!
    Heart, CB

  12. I regreted that comment the second I hit the button...


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